southern blood services
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A healthy baby is a motherís dream. Until recently, however, the heartbreak of losing a child to Rh incompatibility problems was a way of life for thousands of women. Many could not safely carry a baby to term because of such complications as jaundice and cerebral palsy. Still other infants were stillborn or died soon after birth.

Today - through the help of generous donors - women with Rh negative blood can safeguard their RH positive babies. In order to see how you can help, please review our Programs.

Southern Blood Services is a provider of antibodies used to manufacture the vaccine that counteracts these Rh negative pregnancy problems. These antibodies cannot be artificially produced, they must come from women with Rh negative blood.

Some of our donors have themselves experienced the heartbreak of the loss of a child. They know that their body is life itself to a generation of children.